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Origin: Nicaragua, Las Manos, Nueva Segovia

Varietal: Maracaturra

Process: Semi - washed

Altitude: 1350 masl

Tasting notes: Apple, kiwi, milk chocolate


Suggested for: Filter/Moka




More info about this coffee:


This lot is located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level and spans across 14 hectares of land, exclusively growing the Maracaturra coffee variety.


Just like the rest of the farm, this lot upholds eco-friendly cultivation methods. The coffee plants are grown under a canopy of forest, fruit, and musaceae species, which provides them with ample shade and a naturally diverse ecosystem. Low-intensity pesticides are employed for protection, and a combination of organic and mineral fertilizers nurtures the crop. The coffee plants undergo regular pruning, stump rejuvenation, and careful shade management. The harvesting process is meticulous and ensures that only ripe coffee cherries are picked.


The processing of coffee from this lot involves careful selection of coffee cherries, floating, and depulping. The coffee is then left to ferment for 18 to 24 hours. An essential feature of this lot's processing method is the semi-washing process. After fermentation, the coffee is rinsed with clean water, but not entirely. This allows about 30% to 40% of the mucilage to remain on the fruit, which greatly influences the final cup profile. The coffee, packed in plastic bags and macen sacks, is then sent to the processing facility for drying.


Upon arrival at the processing facility, the coffee is laid out on African drying beds located inside microtunnels. These beds are covered, ensuring that the coffee does not come into contact with the ground at any point, and it is moved using PVC rakes. Once dried, the coffee is stored separately from other batches in new plastic bags and macen sacks in a dedicated area within the warehouse.


Before export, the coffee is lifted from the drying patios at a humidity of 11 to 11.5% and stored for a month. It then undergoes milling and classification based on export specifications and is packed in Ecotact bags and jute sacks with the corresponding ICO label.


The Maracaturra Semi Washed lot, with its unique processing method and careful cultivation, undoubtedly contributes to the diversity of coffee profiles produced by the El Cambalache farm.

Nicaragua - Agua Sarca

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