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Our Story

The Nudo project came to life between late 2021 and early 2022, when Nicolò, Giuseppe and Alessandro, driven by curiosity and the desire to have their say in the Roman marketplace, laid the foundations for what would later become to all intents and purposes a micro-roasting company of the highest quality. At the beginning of 2021 Nicolò embarked on a training course with Paolo Scimone, Q-Grader and consultant for several roasting companies around the world. In the meantime, Giuseppe and Alessandro begin to build relationships with selected customers, carefully choosing who to entrust with our products. To date, Nudo has a list ranging from Central America to Africa with different processing methods, including experimental lots. We also provide training, workshops, and consulting on both coffee shop set-up and roasting and green coffee selection.

Delivering within 3 business day all over Europe

We ensure a fast and on point delivery to your place all over Europe within 72h. Our aim is to give you the freshest coffee possible.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Please note on the coffee bag how to recycle. Follow your local recycling rules or, if it's possible, reuse the coffee bag.

Support our small business

We are artisan coffee roasters, support our world!


Don't forget to order your daily coffee dose!

We roast and ship on demand every Thursday

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