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Origin: Peru, La Coipa, San Ignacio

Varietal: Marshell

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1750 masl

Tasting notes: Mango, Toffee, Honey


Suggested for: Filter/Moka




More info about this coffee:


Don Marcelino Chinguel had been growing coffee for most of his life, well over forty years, despite that he is always willing to explore and change his way of thinking, and this lot represent that spirit, this is the first lot produced by the Marshell variety that Marcelino planted on his farm. 


On the farm, La Lucuma, he lives with his family and they are taking care of most of the work that need to be carried out, hiring eight pickers only during the harvest.

Within the family they had been spreading the workload in specific areas of responsibilities.


Marcelino is taking care of the administration and sales duties, his wife manage the post harvesting protocols, Franklin the oldest son is in charge to overview the picking, and the youngest son Yocner is the QC manager.


This lot his process as natural and after picking is hand sorted, floated and left to rest for 16 hours before laid out to dry on raised beds in the solar drier for around 20 to 30 days.

Peru - Marcelino Chinguel

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